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Zanobia Tobacco was established in 1996 in Iraq in a small shop depending on retail sale like any other shop in its very beginning, with a small capital and a big ambition which is the base for all kind of success.


Fist Shop

The first shop was branched into two, three, four, until it reached nine selling points in Iraq in a matter of six years, encompassing all Iraq including Suleymaniye and Erbil. These points have expanded to establish a small company beginning to import particularly to the selling points of Zanobia transforming to whole sale to all Iraqi areas.


Style & quality

The first freight to Iraq was from the United Arab Emirates which was the first base-stone and the passing gate to Iraq. Directly afterwards Zanobia began thinking to invest in UAE moving from locality to universality in its transactions, full of success ambition and steady fast pace!


Proactive approach

The personal effort and hard work of those who have established the first foundation for Zanobia -in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, then back to Sharjah again-has never slowed down. Just in three years Zanobia has had a branch in Toronto, Canada. The branch is a distinguished successful company, completely expert in wholesale. Another branch is in the USA, also a wholesale.


Further Steps

The aspiring Zanobia has once again scored a starry point in its products by obsessing a huge part in the Emirates market, as the producthas begun to be uniquely required by customers
and selling points owners altogether. Zanobia is now an agent to the American International company in all its products and an agent to company for manufacturing the tobacco of Hubble Bubbles tobacco ``Molasses`` in Iraq.

Zanobia in fact is unique in something which is crystal clear and it made it one of the most important factors in its amazing success, namely the intense complete care to the main design of its selling points giving each product full and entire right in display making it appealing to get to the customer. Selecting the attractive style decoration and ornamentation in displaying as to become very close to precious masterpieces.